Recollections of a place that I miss. From an island, where all I have left are these black and white photographs.

Recollections is based on a desire to dive into a photograph, to return to a place and time where the photos were taken. I used a special tool to scratch the surface of the photographs, went through all the different formations of the rocks, the surfaces along which my eyes wandered upon. I reached for the ground in the photos, pursuing it as if I was still there, with the soles of my feet against the rocks heated by the sun.

The works are based on questions about presence, absence, remembering and the nature of a photograph. The rocks that were captured in the photos have been and still are in my recollections, but at the same time they are no longer the same. They have become two-dimensional, black and white surfaces that are blurred by noise. The rocks have become images.

When I scratch the surface of a photograph, some information is inevitably lost. The scratching leaves a white cutting surface and the lines create a new image. An attempt to get inside a photograph will break the surface of it – it is destroyed by the pursuit of a memory. My gaze transfers to the other side of the photo, from the inside to the surface. Through this act I am more visible and no longer hidden behind the photograph. I am present in a new way.

This is my attempt to belong somewhere – both in a work and in a place.